Avro Moving Solution General Packing Tips
1.  Pack a suitcase- Pretend you are going on a 2-3 day vacation.
Include changes of clothes, toiletries, medications etc and keep the suitcases separate from all other items to be moved. This way, each family member will have everything they need for the first days after the move without struggling to sort through boxes.

2.  Label “#1” boxes- chose a couple of boxes per room as “#1” boxes. Fill these boxes with things you will initially need at your new home. Make sure to also label the sides of the boxes to identify which ones are which.

3.  Don’t do everything at once!- Focus on packing up one room at a time to keep things organized.       

4.  Less is always best- Make a goal of getting rid of 1/3 of your possessions. Packing is a perfect way to clean out items for a yard sale, recycling center or donations. This not only will save you time on moving day, but will save expense as well.

5.  Off the floor- Use an empty tabletop in each room for packing boxes. You’ll realize that much more is accomplished this way, rather than using the floor.

6.  Tape Small Parts- When disconnecting items such as tables, tape screws and all small parts firmly underneath the item. This will save you time when you have to put the item back together after the move.

7.  Utilize Space Efficiently- Save room in your boxes by using towels, pillows and t-shirts you are already packing as added packing around breakable items.

8.  Criss-cross- Always tape boxes along the seams, then tape from corner to corner, creating a cross.

9.  Stacking- To avoid crushing, stack boxes with the lightest on top and heaviest on the bottom.

10. The Avro Weight Rule- Heavy boxes lead to injuries therefore try to keep boxes below 30 pounds when possible. Keep boxes at no higher than a max of 50 pounds; heavy boxes can also open at seams or get dropped.

11. Scale- In order to weigh your boxes, keep a bathroom scale in the room you are packing for your convenience.  
Packing Electronics
12. Pictures- Use any digital camera to capture how difficult wiring is connected. This works for computer cords or speaker wires. Make it easy by printing off the picture and attaching it to the box where the wires are packed. At Avro Moving Solutions we believe this will add further ease to your move.
13. Originals- If you still have original packaging for items always use this when applicable.
14. Double your Boxes- We suggest that for extremely fragile electronics to pack them in a box with biodegradable packing peanuts. Then place this box in a bigger box filled with bridgeable packing peanuts. It may seem like this is a lot of work but the protection on your valuable electronics is worth it.

15. Cords- Never put unwrapped cords into boxes because they get intertwined and caught amongst other items. Always wrap every cord with twist ties, rubber bands or cable organizers.

16. Cord labels-  Think about using a label maker to label each end of a cord. This makes it much easier when you are putting things back together- knowing where each end connects.

17. Fragile Items Rule-  Place at least 2 inches of biodegradable packing peanuts around every side of fragile items.
Box Inventory and Labels
18. Legibility is Key- We recommend avoiding the use of pencils and pens to label boxes as they are extremely hard to read. Instead use the widest marker you have when labeling boxes.
19. Label Twice-  Make sure you can read a box from both sides no matter which way it is facing. Therefore label every box twice on opposing sides.

20. Short-Forms-  Tracking boxes can be easy if you use abbreviated names for rooms. An example could be BTH1-3 for “first bathroom, 3rd box.

21. Label "#1" on boxes where it applies.

22. Mark "Fragile" where necessary.

23. Identify Box Content- Label boxes from where they once were, such as “Linen Closet.”

24. Inventory-  Record each box’s room, box number and contents.

25. Safe Arrival- As you are unloading, go to your inventory list and check off each box as it is unloaded at your new location. This simply lets you know that everything has arrived safely.

26. Labels out- Request for the movers to pile boxes with the labels facing out to make finding boxes later much easier.
Brief Summary of Important Tips
1.  Start early- moving takes longer to pack than anticipated.
2.  Have a plan for your move, and don’t alter it!
3.  Use a complete moving checklist- Avro Moving Solution has a great one
4.  Develop a moving kit organizer. 
5.  Establish a couple of Priority Boxes for each room.

The Details
Organization is key in saving money, time and peace of mind. Following our easy steps can remove much stress later on in the moving process.
Start Earlier than Later
Allowing enough time is a major part in organizing a move. Oddly enough, it takes a college student around 5 hours to pack a residence room when moving. With that only being one room, multiply it by the number of rooms in your home. This will give you an idea of how long your packing will take.

Most people wait only a few days before their move date for most of their packing to occur. Why not start a few days earlier and give yourself and family a major advantage! This will eliminate stress on the complete moving process and result in a smoother move itself.
Have a Moving Plan
It is easy to avoid making a moving plan and starting on packing first. This is actually a big mistake; you shouldn't begin the moving process without a simple plan. Your plan doesn't need to be complicated but will incorporate:

  • The number of days left before the move date
  • Tasks: Getting moving supplies, packing, address change
  • Who is helping you move? (Friends, family, professional movers)

The number of rooms that are to be packed and the amount of items you have in each of the rooms
The total time you have each day to work on moving activities between now and the move. By taking your tasks and assigning them to specific days you are not likely to run out of time

Moving Checklist 

Moving is very stressful due to the several details to keep track of. You are about to change familiar landmarks and all of your belongings are out of place. That is why there is a moving checklist. On average between 12% and 16% of North American households move every year, which equals to more than 35 million people! 
Develop a Moving Kit Organizer
At Avro Moving Solution we suggest using a binder with pockets and dividers to keep important documents separate. These documents can include leases and mortgages, new addresses, checklists, moving estimates etc.  
Priority Boxes
Make sure to have priority boxes that have things that seem more important to you for each room. You can label these boxes “#1” to make things more convenient after the move.
We recommend not having any more than 2 priority boxes because then the whole purpose is lost, causing more confusion.
If you follow our steps you will experience a very organized move resulting in a reduced stress level on moving day and the days to come after.

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