Winnipeg Movers
Finding good Winnipeg movers might seem like an impossible task, but once you do, it’s a good idea to book them as soon as possible. There are many Winnipeg movers that you can choose from, but you should be aware of several possible hidden fees that could increase your bill without your knowledge. Nothing ruins a successful Winnipeg moving like receiving an invoice for hundreds of dollars more than you expected. 

Winnipeg movers charge for use of moving equipment – we don’t
Many Winnipeg movers will charge for the use of their moving equipment, such as ramps, trolleys, blankets, and bungee cords. There are many Winnipeg moving companies that do not charge for these services, but you must be sure that you ask before you sign Winnipeg moving agreement. If your chosen Winnipeg moving company charges you for the use of equipment that they usually keep with the truck anyway, then that is a bad sign. Instead, seek out a Winnipeg moving company that includes the use of all moving equipment in their price quote. Not only do we provide you equipment at no charge, we also provide you with cheap packing material. Our moving customers receive quote and that’s all they pay at the end.

Some Winnipeg moving companies will also offer to pack your belongings
This is a great idea and can take a lot of stress off of you and your family. By allowing your movers in Winnipeg to pack your belongings for you, you can be sure that they will take any responsibility for breakage or damage. Our Winnipeg movers are professionals, and they understand the best way to pack your piano, pool table, furniture and other belongings to keep things from breaking. 

What to check for when selecting Winnipeg moving company
When you’re seeking out Winnipeg moving companies, Winnipeg really does have several on offer. Just be sure that you check out your Winnipeg movers with the Better Business Bureau before you sign any paperwork. 

Moving safely in Winnipeg
For all moving companies, Winnipeg will also require a certain amount of insurance. You can ask to see proof of that insurance at any time. There is a set amount that every Winnipeg moving company must keep, and it is usually according to the size of each particular mover. It is a good idea, however, to make sure that the Winnipeg movers that you choose have enough insurance to cover all of your belongings in the case of an accident.

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